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Veterinary Chiropractic and Acupuncture for your Horse and Companion Animals

Dr. Melissa has been involved in horses most of her life, and has shown Arabians since the early ‘90s. Early on, she found a strong desire to help ease suffering in animals in general. It was only natural to follow the progression to vet school. She graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Oregon State and Washington State in 2006. From there she worked with a variety of large and small animals in general practice. After years of frustrating cases not responding favorably to a solely Western medicine approach, she decided to pursue continuing education in a more holistic approach. She has done a chiropractic internship under the tutelage of Dr. Mark DePaolo. She did acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine training through IVAS, one of the most respected governing bodies for acupuncture in America. Her goal is to embrace the best of both Western and Eastern worlds, and tailor the best treatment to each case for best results and patient comfort .

About The Doctor...

Why use a veterinarian?

But lay “chiropractors” are cheaper.... Only licensed veterinarians or certified human chiropractors can legally perform chiropractics. Untrained people can actually cause more harm than good, plus they are likely not insured in the event something does go wrong with the animal. Veterinarians have an equivalent amount of schooling as physicians, and can thus tell at the onset whether a chiropractic problem even exists. They can tell if other modalities can beneficial in addition, such as laser, supplementation, nutrition, or cutting edge technology like stem cell, IRAP, etc. Plus, both acupuncture and chiropractics complement each other and should be used together in most treatments.

Dr. Melissa Shaver DVM, CVA-IVAS        Office/Appts: 971-400-3773           Email:  info@equineperformancesolutions.com