Equine  Performance  Solutions

Veterinary Chiropractic and Acupuncture for your Horse and Companion Animals

Dr. Melissa Performing some adjustments

With each session, Dr. Melissa will fully examine the patient for problem areas. It doesn’t stop there, however. Since animals don’t always tell us where they hurt, each session will involve comprehensive stretching and adjustments over their entire body with special focus on the area of concern.


Dr. Melissa uses a form of manipulation referred to as “Osteopathy.” This form of adjustment (the same form used by Dr. Mark DePaolo)  asks the horse where the problem is and puts them in a position where they can help in fixing it. Horses respond better to this over traditional chiropractic manipulation because they are part of their own healing process. Manipulations occur at their level and not over the top of them, which is very important for a prey animal. Once the first few adjustments have been made, the horses are yawning, closing their eyes, licking and chewing, breathing deeply, and genuinely enjoying their experience.


Acupuncture is stimulating certain points with needles. We use dry needles, aquapuncture (injecting liquid into acupuncture points), moxa (an herbal mixture), and electrosimulation based on each patient’s needs. Traditionally, acupuncture is based on different meridians that course through the body. Modern science has proven that it stimulates certain hormones, blocks pain receptor sensitivity, and helps alleviate inflammation. 


It all starts with the proper building blocks. We use supplements from DePaolo Equine Concepts, Thorne Research, and Standard Process. When coupled with a good nutritional foundation, we believe these products do great things in promoting the body to  heal itself from various conditions including metabolic problems, stress, anxiety, GI problems, skin issues, and of course musculoskeletal problems.

Dr. Melissa Shaver DVM, CVA-IVAS        Office/Appts: 971-400-3773           Email:  info@equineperformancesolutions.com